Our Services
Virtual Productions & Services​
State of the art Virtual production set up unlike any other.​
  • VFX, Composite, Tracking, 3d Animation
  • Mixed Reality Productions​
  • Virtual Productions with Unreal Engine 5
  • Motion Capture Suits & Gloves​
  • Virtual character creation​​
  • 3d scanning​
  • Virtual photoreal environment creation
Stage & Facilities
3 studio spaces with all the frills and in all shapes and sizes. Our biggest studio space is the only sound stage & fully tracked virtual stage in Vietnam.
Post Production
Ease all your post production headaches, on our post floor, kitted with all state of the art equipment.
Production & Services
State of the art equipment and production all at your fingertips.
  • Camera equipment: Komodo Red, Alexa, Broadcast. etc.​
  • Line production services​
  • Music mixing/dubbing
  • Creation consultancy
  • Storyboarding​
  • Lights
  • Production crew
Event Creation and Management
  • Create Content & Manage premium brands experience events.​
  • Design and create live concerts, festival using arts, music and technology​
  • Execute events across multiple platforms both online and offline