• Capital Studio Media City are proud partners of Dolby, in both film & audio
  • The 1st and only Dolby Atmos & Dolby Vision certified studio in Vietnam. Our services are open to everyone in Film, Music & Sound.
  • Dolby Atmos Music creation starts @Capital Studio Media City, mixing and launching Vietnam’s very first Vietnamese Artist spatial audio track on Apple Music, with many other artists, labels looking to ramp up production.
  • The only fully fitted Dolby Atmos room with State of the Art equipment based on a full 9.1 speaker configuration for the full complete Dolby experience. All fully certified by Dolby HQ.
  • The studios are led by 2 veterans with a full team backing them up for all things music & sound.
  • All of our tools enable us to craft Spatial music/audio, better picture quality and overall an experience your consumers will thoroughly immerse themselves in happily.
  • Come visit our studio, and hear the difference for yourself. Or arrange for a virtual walk through to experience music like never before.
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